Marmalades + Mandarinquats

Produced in partnership with E. Waldo Ward & Son, Sierra Madre, Calif.

Blood Orange Marmalade

Blood Orange

Our UCR Blood Orange Marmalade is a marriage of the unique characteristics of four cultivars in the Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection. They include Moro, Ruby, Sanguinelli and Smith Red blood oranges. The varieties differ slightly in sugar content, acidity and pigmentation of the rinds and flesh. To learn more about these and many other cultivars, please visit We hope this unique product will become a new favorite. (Net wt: 11 oz)

Ingredients: Sugar, Fresh Blood Oranges, Water, Citric Acid, Pectin.​



Seville Orange Marmalade

Seville Orange

Our UCR Seville Orange Marmalade is a special version of this classic sour orange marmalade. It blends both Seville and Olivelands sour oranges and a small amount of Meyer lemons, with its orange parentage, for complexity. We fine cut the peel and prepare it in copper pots. You will have lasting memories of this unique product. ​(Net wt: 11 oz)

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Seville Oranges, Olivelands Oranges, Meyer Lemons, Water, Pectin.



Clementine Mandarin Marmalade

Clementine Mandarin 

Our UCR Clementine Mandarin Marmalade has the unique and distinctive flavor of this mandarin orange which is common do the Mediterranean basin. Clementines have thinner rinds and are sweeter than Seville oranges, classically used for marmalade, but have their own unique mandarin flavor. This UCR Clementine Mandarin Marmalade is a blend of three Clementine cultivars but predominately Clemenules which is the principal Clementine cultivar grown in Spain and California. We fine cut the peel and make it the old-fashioned way, stirring by hand and adding fresh fruit. We are certain you will enjoy this new addition to the UCR Citrus Collection. ​(Net wt: 11 oz)

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Fresh Clementines, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, and Pectin.



Green Lemon Marmalade

Green Lemon 

Unlike the typical sour orange-based marmalade, this lemon marmalade has a unique UCR freshness. Multiple cultivars of commercial lemons from around the world came together to create this unique and complex lemon marmalade that can be used to make special spreads for toast, or as a glaze for meat dishes and desserts. We hope you'll have images of fresh lemons as you enjoy this unique UCR product.​ (Net wt: 11 oz)

Ingredients: Sugar, Lemons, and Water.​



Pink Lemon Marmalade

Pink Lemon

This unique UCR lemon marmalade was created from a historical cultivar called Variegated Pink-fleshed Eureka Lemon, which dates back to 1931. What makes it special is its variegated colors. Its leaves have splotches of white, light green and dark green and the fruit rind are striped green-and-cream. The inside of the fruit is pink. Despite differing from other lemons in appearance, the fruit has a true lemon flavor, making this marmalade ideal for your toast or desserts that need the essence of lemon. (Net wt: 11 oz)

Ingredients: Sugar, Lemons, and Water.​



Mandarin Blend

Mandarin Blend Marmalade

Our UCR Mandarin Blend Marmalade combines three varietals into a singular flavorful medley. The Gold Nugget mandarin’s taste is extremely sweet with a very rich essence. The tart and complex aroma of the Tango mandarin gives it a truly unique Tartan Soul. The Allspice tangelo is a spicy grapefruit/mandarin hybrid, a cross made in 1917 at UCR’s Citrus Experiment Station by the renowned H.B. Frost. We hope you’ll enjoy this rich fusion marmalade that could only have been crafted at UCR. (Net wt: 11 oz)

Ingredients: Sugar, Lemons, and Water.​



Pummelo Blend Marmalade

Pummelo Blend

Our UCR Pummelo Blend Marmalade weds two distinct pummelo hybrids developed exclusively by the UCR Citrus Breeding program. The Dawnfruit pummelo is a mandarin hybrid, grapefruit-sized and moderately sweet in flavor. The Valentine pummelo is a three-way pummelo-mandarin blood orange hybrid and is large in size with a complex, floral taste. It was given its name because it has a juicy, red pulp and matures in mid-February. We hope you enjoy this pummelo combination that is all UCR! (Net wt: 11 oz)

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Dawnfruit Pummelos, Valentine Pummelos, Water, and Citric Acid.​​



Sweet Pickled Indio Mandarinquats

Sweet Pickled Indio Mandarinquats

The Pickled Indio Mandarinquats are a unique UCR citrus product that could be used as condiments for roasted meats and sandwiches and salads. This mandarin kumquat hybrid received from the US Date and Citrus Station in the early 1970s produces profuse numbers of attractive, brightly colored small orange fruit with tart flesh and sweet rinds. The distinctive characteristics of this specialty kumquat hybrid make it ideal for pickling.​ (Net wt: 16.9 oz)

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Fresh Indio Mandarinquats, Water, Vinegar, Spices.​​